Paws Of Honor
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This is Phred, a fun loving Lab that was raised in a female prison with the Puppies Behind Bars program. He has been an awesome partner and fun travel companion. Phred is very laid back and easy going; he is very methodical and meticulous with his work. In his down time he can often be found in a sunny spot chilling watching the world go by or rough housing with his sister.

Phred is a frequent flyer and has traveled extensively throughout the Middle east, he has been to Africa and Europe as well as daily duties in the Washington Metropolitan area. Phred’s favorite treats have always been carrots and bananas.

To make a donation in support of the Veterinary Care Program that supports Phred’s medical expenses click the link below. You can make a one-time donation, schedule a recurring gift and even direct your gift to a specific dog:

Thank You to my Donors

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Meredith Campbell

$50.00 April 8, 2022
Anonymous User

Linda Panepinto

$15.00 March 8, 2022
Anonymous User

David Standring

$10.00 March 2, 2022

These trusting loyal partners should be taken care of for life with taxpayer dollars after serving the community!

Anonymous User

Karen Roberts

$50.00 February 12, 2022
Anonymous User

Jo-Anna Yvorchuk

$25.00 January 8, 2022

You are appreciated.

Anonymous User

Leslie Wells

$25.00 January 8, 2022

thank you for your service.

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Cynthia Powell

$25.00 January 6, 2022
Anonymous User

Stacy Wajciechowski

$100.00 January 5, 2022
Anonymous User

Christine Liberty

$200.00 January 5, 2022
Anonymous User

Suzanne Craig

$100.00 January 1, 2022
Anonymous User

Joan Welte

$50.00 December 31, 2021

Thank you both for your service to our country. We are truly grateful for you!!!

Anonymous User

Anthony Uccellini

$100.00 December 31, 2021