Board of Directors

Bob Youngblood, Founder and President  2b65ead

Bob has been involved with the Veterinary profession for 22 years serving as COO and CFO of Old Dominion Animal Health Center. In addition, Bob is Vice President of a private investment firm that he manages in his ‘spare’ time.
He graduated from Elon University in 1992 with a BA in Sociology and followed up with a Masters in Business Administration from Shenandoah University in 1997.
Bob created Paws of Honor, Inc. in 2015 because he recognized the need for high quality, no cost veterinary care for the retired military and police K9 community. He has been able to partner veterinary vendors and manufacturers with the retired service dog community for the common goal.
“The greatest reward of running Paws of Honor is to hear the stories of handlers and the bond they have with their dogs. It is something VERY, VERY special. That ‘bond’ is the core of Paws of Honor.”


Sgt. Isaac Hoopii, Pentagon K-9 Protection Force

Isaac Ho’opi’i currently serves with the Pentagon Force Protection Agency as a Pentagon Police Sergeant, K-9 SupervisorLava&Hoopii2009 and trainer for the K-9 unit. He began working with the Pentagon police in 1996, becoming a K-9 officer in 1997.

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Sgt. Ho’opi’i heard over the police radio that the Pentagon had been struck by a plane. He immediately returned to the Pentagon to assist with the rescue effort. Leaving his dog in the running car, he rushed into the damaged section of the Pentagon and began carrying victims out. When he couldn’t go any further within the building due to the burning jet fuel and smoke, he called out to people to “come follow my voice.” He is credited with carrying out 8 victims and guiding another 15 out using his voice. He worked along with his dog, Vito, at the crash site for 36 continuous hours. Wayne Sinclair, a Pentagon civilian employee, described Sgt. Ho’opi’i as his “…guardian angel. I just didn’t know they came in such a big package.”

For his actions, Sgt. Ho’opi’i has received the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Valor, the OSD Medal for Valor, numerous awards, proclamations, and Congressional and State of Hawaii recognition. A documentary movie is being filmed featuring Sgt. Ho’opi’i’s 9/11 experiences.

Sgt. Ho’opi’i is a Native Hawaiian, has a wife, a son, 2 daughters and 3 grandsons. During his spare time he performs with his award-winning professional Hawaiian band, The Alohaboys” who have been together for more than 20 years. He also coaches high school football, girls’ basketball for the McLean Highlanders and several fast pitch softball travel teams.

Sgt. Ho’opi’i continues to dedicate his life to service to his country.


Cassie Browne, COO of Old Dominion Animal Health CenterCassie Browne

Cassie started her career with Old Dominion Animal Health Center in 2000. Prior to becoming Chief Operations Officer, she served as manager of boarding services and then hospital manager. It was there that she was introduced to many dedicated working dogs who demonstrate what partnership really means. She admired the dogs’ high level of intelligence and training, and was touched by the amazing bond between dog and handler. Paws of Honor offers her the opportunity to use her knowledge and connections to better the lives of the dogs that protect our lives.

Cassie lives in Berryville, VA with her husband Kelly, their daughter Olivia, Layla the Shepherd mix, and Stinky the cat. Her older son and daughter live nearby.